How We Process

Custom Deboned Venison Processing

At Courser Deer Processing, we custom cut each deer to the customer’s request. Unlike most processors using band saws, we fully debone and cut each deer by hand, eliminating unwanted bone chips. Where some processors simply give you a certain poundage of meat back, we make sure that the meat you take home is the deer you shot in the woods.

A “typical” cut would include:
Loin steaks (Back Straps whole or sliced)
Tenderloin steaks (Inner tender loins whole)
Rounds steaks
Tip steaks
1-2 roasts

Of course, you are welcome to request any specific cuts as well as your desired package size.

We also have several delicious options available for smoked meat. Some of our customer favorites are summer sausage, pepper sticks (hunter sticks), jerky, and brats. Customers also love venison smoked ham, and breakfast sausage. See Smoked Options.